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Visionary - Tony Stark/Iron Man vid

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[Visionary] Iron Man Vid from Mister A on Vimeo.

password: vidsareawsm

Fandom: Iron Man 1, 2 & 3. Plus Avengers and some trailer footage from Age of Ultron.
Audio: "One Vision" by Queen (Mister A's 99% Fat Free Edit)


This is the Tony Stark/Iron Man vid of my heart. This is my Eiffel Tower. This is my Rachmaninoff's Third. My Pieta. My Opus.

I originally pitched this song to Deejay when I was doing Sweet Charity back in 2008/9? But she turned it down as she wasn't fussed with Queen. But I'm glad now she did as I would have only had the first movie to work with and we got "Let it Rock" instead. For my mind this is the superior vid in every aspect...its exceeded even my expectations.

I started editing back in June 2014 but this vid almost was set back permanently when the lap top I was editing on died somewhat as the power input was not accepting charge. I gave it to a guy to fix and then never heard from him. Worried I'd lost my property I called the cops and they were able to track it down and my edit was still intact. Phew...crisis averted!

There's a few easter eggs scattered around in the edit. They are mostly at the start. See if you can pick them.

Hope you enjoy! Turn your speakers up to 11 first though...only way to listen to Queen is LOUD.
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Vividcon 2014 dates?

Just wondering when dates are decided for Vividcon? And do they take into consideration of any other big events or cons that are on nationwide that might draw participants away?

Only reason I ask is I was also hoping to attend Gencon in Indy as well if I come over and it would really really really suck if both events are on the same weekend. I believe Gencon is set for 14-17th of August 2014 already. I don't think these 2 events clashed last year but was VVC on that exact weekend last year?
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Almost Human is brilliant

And its only 2 episodes in.

Got the FRINGE polish, a Bladerunner feel & is hilarious in sections. Also Karl Urban as the star.

So much good TV at the moment (SHIELD, Sleepy Hollow, Blacklist, Walking Dead) but apart from Thrones, this is the cream of the crop.

Also I got to meet Lena Hedley recently at a Geek Festival ( )as she filled in for Peter Dinklage who was supposed to be here but pulled out due to scheduling commitments. Got her to sign a picture of Cercei, Jamie & Tyrion and managed to have a really good chat to her for like 6-7 minutes. Was so good!
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Its not Christmas anymore but I do feel like giving

First happy new year to everyone! Hope everyone is well in LJ land :)

Ive been a little bit distracted with my new job (one year anniversary last week) & a certain little known football team from New York lately. While I haven't had the urge to vid anything substantial for about a year, I do have my dream IM video on a timeline on my PC which I have been picking at every now and then. I will eventually finish it & god willing it will be this year...maybe just before or shortly after the Avengers comes out would be 2 good timeframes if you're the betting kind.

But thats not the reason behind this post.

Something Ive been meaning to do since my non-involvement with Vividcon these past few years is to offer audio edits to those who need it for their vids.

So the first 6 people who need a virtually flawless cutdown/edit of a song they need for their VVC vid gets it. I'll be doing it with Cool Edit Pro (which is essentially Adobe Audition), which I used on Nickys Fountain vid whereby I cut out an entire section of the song in the middle.

One song per customer.

First in best dressed.

Must be for Vividcon.

(though if I really like the sound of your song/idea I will offer to do it for you if you didn't make it into the first six)

Takers so far: Deejay, Kiki, Anoel.
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TRON Legacy - a spoiler free review

While I really enjoyed the story of TRON: Legacy (won't spoil it), the lead Garrett Hedlund is flat early & often. One of his worst readings is his first with Bruce Boxleitner, and although things do improve after that scene, its not a drastic improvement. Luckily the rest of the cast is more than capable & it almost seems they are compensating for Hedlund - the stand outs Michael Sheen, Olivia Wilde & of course Jeff Bridges. The other disappointment is Clu's face. Its clearly a good approximation of a young Jeff Bridges, but that's as far as it gets. The real footage of Bridges used in montages at the beginning only serve to highlight these flaws - and its mainly around the eyes that really sticks out. Its just not on the money, especially to those who remember Jeff when he was young. Theres a few fleeting moments when it does actually look him but they are few and far between. Which is majorly disappointing considering that the team that delivered Benjamin Button were responsible for this.

The action sequences are superb as are the FX, seeing the programs splinter into a thousand fragments never got old - which is good because it happens often. There are lots of little throwbacks to the original and I was genuinely enjoying picking every one of them. Don't bother staying through the credits, no extras to see - which I thought there might have been given a certain turn of events towards the climax. Also the score is one of the highlights, but that was pretty clear before the film had even rolled with Daft Punk at the helm.

This was one of the three movies of 2010 that were the most anticipated for me (Inception, Iron Man 2 were the other 2) and it was those 2 major flaws that easily made it the weakest of the 3. With a much stronger lead this could have been one of the best of the year. As it stands, this film never really gets into top gear. Still worth it to catch it in cinemas on cheap ass Tuesday, or for cheaper than standard rates.

3 1/2 stars out of 5